AlphaTrans, an One-stop logistics provider, is located in HoChiMinh city, Vietnam with branches in Hanoi, Haiphong, Danang, Dong Nai and Binh Duong province.

We offer the entire range of freight forwarding  and logistics services to customers , agents for  domestic and international market, services included Ocean, Air, Domestics, Customs broker, Project and Logistics Solution Operating based on six individial Departments, 6 offices through Vietnam and partner worldwide, and full facilities invested (warehouses, trucks, container trailers, crane and folklifts) ,we are able to respond with great flexibility, targeting our resources with maximum efficiency to all customer’s request.

At AlphaTrans, we understand that selecting the most efficient,  cost effective transportation option, perfect cargo care  can be challenging; therefore, we are striving for excellence in the transportation industry through providing the highest quality service to our customers satisfication. That are also the reasons why  a lot of agents, factories and companies choose us for their number one provider years over years.


We do everything for customer’s trust and satisfaction, which is the most important key for any long-term businesses. We will plan and implement the most effective means for getting the job done, no matter how small, big or heavy your consignments are .

Why AlphaTrans ?

Your trust, we carry


  • One stop logistics Provider creates world-class solutions with our knowledge, experience , intelligence and creativity.
  • Design flexible transportation solutions to increase efficiency, improve visibility, and control costs.
  • Offer a great service in the planning, implementing, tracking, delivering and material following up for your cargo at right place, right time.
  • Operate excellent, constantly strive to improve quality, productivity, safety and customer satisfaction years over years.


  • We love cargo, love logistics, it is our passion, our life. They are our motivation for good care of your cargo everyday.
  • Power optimization professional in cargo care, we divided into 5 service departments : Import, Export, Customs clearance, Domestics and Project cargo.
  • Well trained and profesional customer services, document staffs and operators enable us to facilitate the entire shipping process from the start to the end.
  • Your consignments will always be replied with QUICK REACTION, served with ACCURATE, offered with LOW COST, shipped with FAST TRANSIT TIME and high quality.


  • Truck 1.5 to 2.5 ton : 30units
  • Container trucks : 15units
  • Warehouse :
    + At Catlai CFS : 850m2 (Bonded warehouse)
    + Domestics cargo: 3000m2 in Ben Xe Mien Nam; 500m2 in Song Than Rail station, 500m2 in Dong Nai province and 1000m2 in Haiphong port
  • Tools for unloading/loading :
    + Crane : 5units of 3.5ton, 8ton and 25ton
    + Forklift : 5units of 2.5ton, 5ton and 25ton and 2 units of Electric forklift