Customs Declaration Service In Hanoi

Alphatrans specializes in performing customs declaration of all types, all import & export items in Hanoi. With over 15 years of experience in customs declaration in Hanoi, we are committed to bringing the best satisfaction and support to our customers.

Alphatrans, With branch offices in: Hai Phong Port, Ho Chi Minh City Port and Da Nang Port, with this well-connected system, we always have the best customer support. In Hanoi area, we have a delivery team of more than 30 people, with customs declaration experience of 5 years or more, we invest in warehouses, trucks and container trucks to serve and increase competitiveness. on the market.

Our Customs declaration service in Hanoi includes

a) Goods subject to customs declaration in Hanoi

» Commodities for production, machinery, system of machine chains

» Declare new and used machinery and equipment for more than 10 years

» Food products, fresh seafood, vegetables

» Medical equipment, industrial equipment, Aviation equipment, defense, Color printer equipment, printing industry

» Specialized in customs declaration of used commodity groups: Industrial and civil machines, excavators, diggers, bulldozers, lathes, milling machines, CNC machines …

» Specializing in customs declaration of aquatic feed, animal feed, poultry feed

» Specializing in customs declaration of fertilizers, plant protection products

» Customs declaration of fertilizers, baby toys, elevators, escalators, building materials, toilets, cups, etc.

transporting goods to customers' warehouses
transporting goods to customers’ warehouses

b) Type of customs declaration in Hanoi

1 / Customs declaration service for business, non-non-commercial, investment

2 / Customs declaration service for export production, processing, investment, on-spot import and export

3 / Customs declaration services Import and export of individuals and students

4 / Customs declaration service Type of transit, investment free tax

5 / Type of port transfer, border gate transfer

6 / Type of import and export on the spot, import and export to industrial zones, tax exemption …

c) Alphatrans’s quick customs declaration process

Step 1: Check customer documents provided for the customs declaration including: Contract, Invoice, packing list, Bill, Notice of arrival, C / O. etc, support to edit documents until the standard set of documents

Step 2: Customs declaration and electronic transmission on VNACCS

Step 3: Prepare a complete set of documents and transfer customers to sign

Step 4: Register for specialized inspection by each appropriate specialized agency (if any)

Step 5: Customs declaration at Ha Noi

Step 6: Notify customers date of delivery

Step 7: Collect all vouchers, issue invoices for payment

VNACCS customs declaration system in Vietnam
VNACCS customs declaration system in Vietnam

d) Other services we support

» Services Applying for a license to import medical equipment

» Services Please publish cosmetics

» Services Please publish food – Meat, fish, seafood, sugar, confectionery, products from fruits and vegetables, ….

» Services Applying for a license to import chemicals

» Service Applying for a license to import printers or to import machinery that has been used for 10 years

» Service Applying for a license to import specialized equipment

» Service Applying for a license to import breeds and domestic animals

» C/O for all forms, quarantine, inspection …

The area we make customs declaration

In Hanoi (Sai ​​Dong A. Industrial Park, North Thang Long Industrial Park, Bac Thuong Tin Industrial Park, Phu Nghia Industrial Park, Thach That Industrial Park, Dai Tu Industrial Park, Nam Thang Long Industrial Park, Noi Bai Industrial Park, Quang Minh Industrial Park, Soc Son Industrial Park, and Eastern Industrial Park He, Thuong Tin Industrial Park, Ngoc Hoi Industrial Zone, Lang Hoa Lac Industrial Park ….)

In Hai Phong (Dinh Vu Industrial Park, Trang Due Industrial Park, Nam Cau Kinh Industrial Park, Do Son Industrial Park, An Duong Industrial Park, Dong Hoa Industrial Park, Vinh Niem Industrial Park, Canh Hau Industrial Park, An Trang Industrial Park, Tan Lien Industrial Park …)

In Hung Yen (Yen My 2 Industrial Park, Pho Noi A Industrial Park, Thang Long 2 Industrial Park, Minh Duc Industrial Park, Pho Noi B Industrial Park, Nhu Quynh A Industrial Park, Hung Yen Industrial Park)

In Bac Ninh (Bac Ninh Industrial Park, Tien Son Industrial Park, Que Vo 1,2 Industrial Park, Yen Phong I Industrial Park, Yen PHong II, Dai Kim Industrial Park, Dai Dong-Hoang Son Industrial Park, Hanaka Industrial Park, Que Vo II Industrial Park, Que Vo III , Visip Industrial Park, Phong Khe Industrial Park, Dinh Ban Industrial Park, Dong Quang Industrial Park, Chau Khe Industrial Park …)

In Vinh Phuc (Binh Xuyen Industrial Park, Khai Quang Industrial Park, Kim Hoa Industrial Park, Tam Duong Industrial Park, Phuc Yen Industrial Park, Lap Trach I Industrial Park, Song Lo I Industrial Park, II, III, Ba Thien II Industrial Park, Xuan Hoa, Tan Tien Industrial Park, Huong Canh Industrial Park …)

In Ha Nam (Dong Van I, Dong Van II, Chau Son Industrial Park, Hoang Dong Industrial Park, Ascendas Industrial Park, Itahan Industrial Park, Liem Cam Industrial Park, Liem Phong Industrial Park, Chau Son Industrial Park, Bien Hoa Industrial Park, Trung Luong Industrial Park, Hoa Hau Industrial Park , Thanh Ha Industrial Park …)

Customs declaration capacity of Alphatrans

+ Our staff from and delivered 30 people in Hai Phong, Ha Noi

+ Office and branch: Hai Phong, Hanoi, HCM, Dong Nai, Binh Duong

+ Capacity of declaration and delivery: 2000-4000 declarations / month

+ Fleet of transport vehicles and goods transshipment warehouses: Small trucks (1.5 -5 tons): 8 units Container truck: 15 units, Crane truck and lifting cargo: 4 units.

Project of exporting machinery in samsung
Project of exporting machinery in samsung

Commitment to customs declaration service of Alphatrans

+ Promptly completing customs declaration as always: 1 Day to complete customs declaration and delivery

+ Shipping and delivery costs are 30% lower than Market Prices

+ Professional delivery staff, knowledgeable, experienced, methodical, dedicated advice on vouchers, procedures, applying HS code …

+ Absolutely Confidential Information about goods and customers

+ Responsible for 100% Compensation for customer losses if a delay or loss of goods occurs

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